Veteran-Owned businesses on the rise!!!!!

I just left corporate America after 14 1/2 years to open my own business. I am opening a Private Home Care business in North Atlanta. I am a proud Vet of the U.S. Army. My focus is everyone who needs basic care in the comfort of their own home. However, I will have a focus on giving back to my Vets and helping them get the care that they need in their homes. 



Why choose HOME CARE?

…reasons to choose Home Care over nursing homes/assisted living facilities….

1. Better quality of life. The most comfortable surroundings for your loved one! They keep their dignity.

2.  Studies show Home Care promotes healing.

3.  Easier Access for families to participate in care

4.  Home Care clients have lower likelihood of being readmitted into the hospital, lowering costs

5.  More cost effective than nursing facilities and assisted living communities

6.  Clients generally speaking recover quicker in the comfort of their own home

7.  Low risk to test Home Care